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Elati was till 2010 the county town in Municipality of Aithikoi, while today with the operation of “Kallikratis”, it is a municipal apartment in the Municipality of Pili.

It is located in the southern department of mountain range of Pindos in 920 metres altitude in mount Kerketio or Koziakas, as it is more known .It was a seasonal village before 1940, an ideal destination for the people living in Trikala in the prewar season, where they sought shelter in the cool embrace of Koziakas mountain. Until 1955 the village was named Tyrna, and this name is still heard until today by the locals. It is built amphitheatrically, surrounded by forest with firs. The place that the village is today is new, because the old village was located westwards, near to the river and in lower altitude, but afterwards 1943 that was burned by the Germans, villagers began to transport and built ther homes in the current place.

Elati is today one of the bigger and more beautiful mountainous villages of Trikala and Thessaly and its name is not accidental, after it is surrounded from firs, creating a picture of an artwork.

It is particularly touristic developed not only as far as concerns the accommodation , but also the entertainment and fulfills almost all the requirements of a visitor.

Its preferential place made Elati a very popular tourist destination for all the seasons of time, since in winter it offers snow and on the other hand in Spring Summertime and Autumn direct contact with the splendid nature an the healthy climate.

The choices provided to the visitors are many and they satisfy everybody, since it is the ideal part for excursion in the region of Pindos mountain.

The greatness of Elati and the near region is the natural landscape, with the endless forests, the rivers, and the lakes.

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